An Intoxicating Blend Of Food And Culture

An Intoxicating Blend Of Food And Culture

An Intoxicating Blend Of Food And Culture

An Intoxicating Blend Of Food And Culture

An Intoxicating Blend Of Food And Culture

An Intoxicating Blend Of Food And Culture

An Intoxicating Blend Of Food And Culture

Carib-Asian Cookery Book...

carib asian cookeryBroadcasting team Sherrie Eugene-Hart and Patrick Hart are taking the food world by storm as they launch their Carib-Asian Cookery Book following the success of the Carib-Asian Cookery Show.

What started off as a fun pilot video, experimenting with their Caribbean and Asian heritage food inspired by their mums, ended up as a hit series on the TV as millions tuned in around the country to be entertained by this Black British and Anglo Indian double act cooking fusion food and exchanging some awkward moments too as husbands and wife’s do.

The pair were shocked when they were told the programme viewing figures peaked into millions after series one.

“A cook book seemed the natural progression” said the former Rapper Patrick. People are constantly asking for recipes, and together we've come up with a tantasing book full of them”.

“Our next project together will take us to India and the Caribbean to make a further series said Sherrie, but for now we're enjoying flicking through the pages of our fusion delicacies. It's been a whirlwind journey.” She added.

The couple are no strangers to the media, Patrick now runs and presents on an award winning radio station whilst Sherrie Eugene-Hart won awards for her news & features for ITV. Now after 18 months and three Carib-Asian series later, they’ve put their writing skills to good use and produced a book called The Carib-Asian Cookery Book, Recipes and Rhymes to be launched on December 5th 2016.

Sherrie said “We both love cooking and were given this chance to produce a short series of cookery programmes for Made in Bristol TV. Not only was the run extended but snapped up by the entire Made network. We don't cook together at home normally, but somehow this formula works”.

After being bombarded with requests for recipes the couple decided to put pen to paper and write a book which not only has mouthwatering Carib-Asian fusion ideas, but a collection of their rhymes and raps taken from Sherrie's poems and Pats rap lyrics from his days with Bristol band Freshblood Crew alongside some personal reflections and family pictures.

The couple admit they found more common ground writing together than cooking together but it's the sparks in their chemistry on screen that has been the recipe for their success.

The Carib-Asian Cookery Book is published by SilverWood Books and is being launched in their home city of Bristol on 5th December.


Thank You - An Exciting Year Ahead.

We'd like to say a massive thanks to all of you across the UK who have helped to make the Carib Asian Cookery Show on of the most popular productions on the Made TV Network attracting in excess of one million weekly viewers.

We just didn't realise how popular the fusion of Asian and Caribbean cooking would be! So, with the support of our partners 8th Sense Media and our own ethical production company E-Com Media, we plan to release our first Carib Asian cookery book due out soon.


It's Not Just About Food.

A massive welcome to lovers of delicious mouth-watering food full of flavour culture and tradition. Carib-Asian Cookery brings together a myriad of ideas from the children of Ruth Hart and Rita Eugene the Mothers of Pat and Sherrie. These ideas stem back to Asia and the Caribbean where their mums were born. (Despite the fact that Sherrie was born in the UK and Pat is 9 months short of that, they have both savoured their love for food with flavour).

When Pat and Sherrie got together and eventually married, it seemed only natural to blend their culinary cultures together. Their wedding breakfast table was awash with curry goat and lamb madras, fried dumping’s and Nan bread. Although lovely, they’ve decided to blend both flavours together. Not only was it a hit with their extended families but with their friends too.

Carib-Asian cuisine is cooking not derived from books or master classes, or from schools or places of learning but from their mum’s kitchens. Their mums lived parallel lives. Both Pat and Sherrie grew up in households where the kitchen was the centre of everything, where spices never ran out, where food was always on the stove and where there was enough for everyone even passers by. They both lived in homes where cheap meat pasta, rice and home grown veg were staple foods, which when passed through their mums kitchens turned into the most gastronomically delightful dishes their English friends would envy.

Pat and Sherrie invite you to try out their recipes in way that you’ve never done before. Feel free to experiment and develop. Be creative and never feel that every ingredient is absolutely necessary. It’s not! If you like garlic add an extra clove. If you’re not keen on Jeera, leave it out.

Most of all enjoy the experience. Cook with love and you’ll notice it in the taste.

If you’re not sure about Caribbean or Asian food, try them together! Pat and Sherrie did and they’ve never looked back.